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    Product Details

    【Main Features】

    • WINDOWS operating system, friend user interface, easy to learn.

    • The moving structure of needle bar is without needle column, which will not only increase working speed of machine, but also keep material away from greasy dirty of machine oil. It is durable and easy to service.

    • Feeding device has been improved, which makes quilting patterns more beautiful.

    • X/Y direction is controlled by servomotors; Precision of quilting can be guaranteed.

    • The main shaft adopts VFD.

    • There are a lot of patterns saved in the memory; Users can select patterns easily.

    • Easy quilting punching software; Convenient and fast pattern editing function.

    • Arbitrary quilting for 360°all-round pattern.

    • It is equipped with photoelectric thread break detector of high sensitivity.

    • Function of pattern compensation, an effective solution to distortion of patterns when quilting thick materials.

    • Simulation display of quilting.

    • Automatic needle up function; Orientation brake system.

    • Counter of output.

    • The machine can be used widely in producing mattresses, bedspreads, quilts and garments, etc…

    【Main Technical Parameters】


    Notes: Special specifications can be ordered additionally.


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