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    Product Details

    【Main Features】

    • The advanced control software is applied and technical performance has been highly improved. Instead of the traditional synchronization structure for the transmission shaft, it applies all servo electronic transmission structure on the needle and rotating shuttle, which is advanced technology in the world. The maximum speed is up to 2600RPM.

    • The machine has the function of thread break detecting with high sensitivity. When it is activated, the system will stop the machine automatically once the thread breaks to allow manual mend.

    • Simulative display of the design quilted.

    • Display of working speed, reasons for stop, stitch, coordinates and design file directory, etc.

    • A lot of designs can be read from U disk and stored in memory for a long term, which will be selected by operator.

    • During the course of quilting, once it occurs power cut or shut off, designs or parameters that have been already set will still be saved in the computer for resuming the original designs while it is electrified.

    • After the reinforce quilting parameters are set, return stitches will be realized automatically in a specified position.

    • When there is a corner during the course of quilting, the quilter will reduce the speed automatically.

    • Machine head and frames are allowed to move at low or high speed.

    • The machine greatly simplifies the transmission structure, prolongs the service life and reduces the maintenance cost.

    【Main Technical Parameters】


    Notes: Special specifications can be ordered additionally.


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